School Based Intervention


Psychoeducation for school staff regarding the impact of complex trauma on learning and behaviour in the school environment. As part of the practical application of the positive behaviour support plan for an individual child or young person, preparation, information and implementation sessions are provided to key school staff [...]

Assessments, Reports and Plans


Their history, experiences, relationships and current functioning that will help formulate the most appropriate treatment plan.   The assessment phase may take a number of clinical interviews, observations with the child or young person, carers, caseworkers and key stakeholders.  We may also contact schools and other allied health professionals who [...]

Clinical Services


We offer a range of Clinical Services. Do you like Cheese Whiz? Spray tan? Fake eyelashes? That's what is Lorem Ipsum to many—it rubs them the wrong way, all the way. It's unreal, uncanny, makes you wonder if something is wrong, it seems to seek your attention for all [...]