Penny Nesbitt


Penny Nesbitt B. Soc. Wk. Professional Training & Culture Coaching Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. Like many people, Penny spent a few years trying on jobs that were never going to work out, based on what drives her - her story and her strengths.  She found what many people [...]

Jenny Gilmore


Jenny Gilmore B. Soc. Wk. (Hons) | PhD | MAASW Accredited Mental Health Social Worker Member Australian College of Social Work (Clinical Division) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Jenny Gilmore is a prominent Australian Social Worker with a PhD in Social Work and an extensive work history in the field which includes [...]

Helen McGroder


Helen McGroder B. Soc. Science. | Grad. Dip. Psychology | Grad. Dip. Adult Education | Dip. Adolescent Psychiatry | MAASW Senior Social Worker  Forbes, New South Wales, Australia. Helen McGroder has a Bachelor of Social Studies from Sydney University; a Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Charles Sturt University; A Graduate [...]

Paula Browne


Paula Browne B. A. (Social Welfare) | B. Soc. Wk. | MAASW Senior Social Worker  Forbes, New South Wales, Australia. Paula Browne is a Social Worker with over 24 years’ experience working with children, young people, families and communities impacted by trauma and abuse, working in a variety of government [...]

Emily Smith


Emily Smith B. Soc. Wk. | Grad. Dip. (Family Therapy) | MAASW Accredited Mental Health Social Worker Orange, New South Wales, Australia. Since completing a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of NSW in 2004 Emily’s working life has spanned a number of positions, all of which have [...]

School Based Intervention


Psychoeducation for school staff regarding the impact of complex trauma on learning and behaviour in the school environment. As part of the practical application of the positive behaviour support plan for an individual child or young person, preparation, information and implementation sessions are provided to key school staff [...]

Anna Maxwell


Anna Maxwell B.A. (Psychology) | B. Soc. Wk (Hons) | MAASW Accredited Mental Health Social Worker | Churchill Fellow Director of Anna, Louise & Assoicates: Integrated Paediatric Services Pty Ltd Orange, New South Wales, Australia. Anna Maxwell has been working with children, families and professionals impacted by trauma and abuse [...]

Assessments, Reports and Plans


Their history, experiences, relationships and current functioning that will help formulate the most appropriate treatment plan.   The assessment phase may take a number of clinical interviews, observations with the child or young person, carers, caseworkers and key stakeholders.  We may also contact schools and other allied health professionals who [...]

Clinical Services


We offer a range of Clinical Services. Do you like Cheese Whiz? Spray tan? Fake eyelashes? That's what is Lorem Ipsum to many—it rubs them the wrong way, all the way. It's unreal, uncanny, makes you wonder if something is wrong, it seems to seek your attention for all [...]