Kids HQ: Integrated Paediatric Services and Trauma Specialists is an independent counselling and consultancy service that specialises in infant, child and adolescent mental health, complex trauma; corporate and community change in regional NSW.



Practice Wisdom

We provide a range of services and programs that reflects the current evidence and practice wisdom contained in the international body of knowledge relating to infant, child and adolescent mental health, traumatology, neurobiology, attachment, resilience, recovery, leadership and change. We collaborate to ensure intervention is informed, integrated, progressive, culturally sensitive and comprehensive.


We are an organisation committed to leaving a legacy of positive change and well-being by assisting clients to understand how their “brain matters”! When the world calls you ‘crazy’ we call you ‘adaptive’ by showing you how your brain changes to help you SURVIVE!


We offer a safe place for individuals to heal from the impact of mental illness, trauma and abuse. Where safety is always paramount. We use playful approaches to serious problems and get great results.

Working Together

Interventions always extends to the child/young persons support systems to increase efficiency and sustainability of treatment goals and may include components of individual, family work, group work, school intervention and support, community education and organisational consultancy.”

Join us

At Kids HQ we encourage those training and experienced in the field of Social Work and Psychology, who are interested in the treatment of Mental Health and Paediatric Trauma to get in touch and discuss their career opportunities with us